15 Great Live Chat Tools for Businesses

Why Live Chat Tools: A Digital Trend or Necessity?

12 Best Live Chat Tools for Businesses

In the present digital marketing scenario, Live Chat Software has increasingly become an indispensable tool for businesses, who want to stay ahead of the game. The prevailing cut throat competition calls for ways to make businesses more approachable by providing easy, prompt and hassle-free support access to all its customers.

Live Chat is a key component of Conversational Marketing Strategy which has become the talk of the (digital) town. It is a powerful communication medium through which businesses can interact with their customers in real-time. It not only provides a better customer experience throughout the entire customer journey but also helps to reach out to more prospective customers in a more organic way. 

As there is no denying the fact that customer satisfaction is one of the key factors for the success of any
business, let’s quickly have a look at why tapping into the tool’s potential can land you a jackpot!

Reasons to Use Live Chat Tools

 1. By means of live chat tool, businesses can provide quick answers to customers’ queries.

 2. It is a low-cost alternative to telephone service.

 3. Live Chat is an efficient, speedy and convenient support system which provides great user experience.

 4. It aids in increasing conversions and boosting sales.

 5. It plays an important role in building good reputation of your company.

 6. It bolsters customer loyalty.

 7. Chat histories can be used to find customer’s common pain points.

 8. Many live chat tools even boast of multilingual capacity which can certainly widen the customer reach.


According to a study, at 73% , chat offers the highest satisfaction levels for any customer service channel.

However, while a positive live chat experience can increase customer growth rate and retention, a negative one can definitely be a deal breaker. So, a live chat software should be chosen carefully in a way that it matches your business goals and objectives.

With numerous options to choose from, it can become a bit overwhelming at times. So, before setting the seal on that live chat software, you should definitely take into account, the following factors: –

·        Easy Customizability

·        Seamless Software Integration

·        Easy Usability and Set-up

·        Top Notch Security

·        Mobile Friendliness

Lastly, you should choose a live chat tool which is not only cost effective but also generates high yield for your business in the long run.

12 Best Live Chat Tools ( Free & Paid)

Let’s take a look at 12 Best Live Chat Tools (in no particular order)-


With HubSpot Live Chat, you can communicate with the website visitors promptly and easily. Since it is a part of HubSpot CRM you can see the customer’s history with your company and also identify prospects and new contacts. Every conversation gets automatically saved and stored in your conversation’s inbox and on the contact’s timeline. This helps to have a clear view of every interaction. It is an easily customizable chat tool and can be set up easily without any coding.

Live chat is included with the Free Hubspot CRM.


With Zendesk live chat tool, it becomes easy for your sales team to resolve any customer issues efficiently. It provides live visitor tracking, multilingual support, live chat analytics and smoothly integrates with third party softwares. There even offer numerous customization options to create chat widgets that suit the identity and feel of your brand.

Price: Essential, from $5/month (per agent)

Team, from $19/month (per agent)

Professional, from$49/month (per agent)

Enterprise, from $99/month (per agent)

Elite,from$199/month(per agent)


PureChat is another free live chat software which lets you have unlimited chat with unlimited operators. It can be easily customized according to your brand and has mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Its PRO features include automatic chat alerts and real time visitor analytics.

Price: Free Plan

Growth Plan, $39/month

Pro Plan, $79/month.


SnapEngage is a notable live chat tool. In addition to the regular live chat features, it offers unique omni channel chat solutions, i.e., it integrates with SMS to chat, tweet to chat, Facebook messenger, We Chat and Zalo. Plus, it also has HIPAA compliance- live chat solution for patient engagement for medical businesses.

Price: Essential, from $16/month (per user)

Professional, from$26/month (per user)

Enterprise, from $40/month (per user)


LiveChat is a premium live chat tool for individuals and businesses. Its key features include chat transcripts, chat tags and archives, multi-lingual support and chat report and analytics. It can be easily customized to fit your site’s theme and language. Plus it is known for its speed. It also offers services such as visitors’ tracking, chat ticketing system, security and seamless integration with many softwares.

Price: Starter, $16/month per seat

Team, $33/month per seat

Business, $50/month per seat

Enterprise, pricing available upon request


This live chat software can be customized to fit all business needs. It has omni channel communication platform along with advanced visitor statistics and customizable filters according to channel, status and user. With excellent live chat features, it promises of integrations with platforms like Slack, Zapier, MailChimp, HubSpot, etc. You can also personalize your overall Live Chat visual experience to suit your brand’s identity.

Price: Free Plan

Pro Plan, $12/month (per agent)

Custom Plan, custom pricing.


This is a great live chat tool that allows you to customize your chat messages, add chat tool to specific pages and send triggered messages through chat automation features. For a comprehensive insight, Olark also provides transcript archive and chat metrics.

Price: Monthly $17/month (per agent)

Yearly, $15/month (per agent)

Biennial(once every 2 years), $12/month(per agent)


This is a very reasonable live chat software for small businesses. It allows you to record user sessions on your website which helps you to see your customer behavior and recognize their pain points effectively. It tracks chat conversations, offers chat box customizations and detailed statistics. It can be easily integrated with popular platforms like WordPress, Magento and Shopify etc.

Price: Free Plan

Standard, $15/month (per agent)

Pro Plan, $29/month (per agent)


Intercom has ‘Live Chat for Sales’ which can be used to capture more leads. ‘Capture, Qualify, Convert, and Measure’, are the 4 main phases of Intercom Live chat software. Intercom’s Operator bot provides 24/7 automated meeting scheduling. Some of its key live chat features include visitor targeting, A/B testing, meeting scheduling and performance measurement.

Price: Essential, from $87/month;

Pro, from $153/month;

Premium, custom pricing.


Helpcrunch provides chat support to your customers on any platform with a simple help desk. It helps to qualify leads and automate your marketing campaigns. Its eye-catching live chat widgets boost conversions and with Help Desk features it processes customer requests 5 times faster than the regular chat support does.

Price: 14 day free trial period

Standard Plan, $15/month (per team member)

Premium Plan, $25/month (per team member)

Enterprise Plan, custom pricing.


Acquire.io’s USP is its co-browsing feature along with live chat feature and intelligent chatbots. The co-browsing feature helps to see and interact with customer’s screen and solve problems within seconds. Besides offering customizations, visitor tracking, conversation insights, chat routing, it has a ‘Smart Suggestion’ feature which helps the chatbots answer common questions automatically without involving your service agents.

Price: Basic, $300/month (per agent);

Pro, $950/month (per agent);

Enterprise, custom pricing


The Drift LeadBot helps to qualify your site visitors, identifies which sales rep they should speak with and then books a meeting. There is absolutely no need of forms. Drift Chat tool can increase engagement and responses with highly personalized messages targeted specifically at individuals. The chat bots, available 24/7 are an important part of automated marketing practices.

Price: Free for individuals

Standard, $50/month billed annually for individuals

Pro, $400/month billed annually for teams 

Premium, $1,500/month billed annually for teams 

Enterprise, pricing available upon request 

These are some of the live chat tools you can use to scale up your business.

But then, which is the Best Live Chat tool?

Well, each tool listed above is effective and powerful communication channel and offers tons of useful features. By signing up for free trials, you can personally assess the tools and choose the one which completely fits your business needs.

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