12 Creative Ways to Follow the Green Trend: Vertical Gardens

12 Creative Ways to Follow the Green Trend: Vertical Gardens

Vertical Gardens are here to amp up the green vibe in your tiny, small spaces against the monotonous backdrop of concrete skyscrapers. They are a growing fad among urbanites as these gardens are not only easy to install, but also take up minimal space while adding to an overall aesthetic charm.

Vertical gardens are often called ‘living walls’ as they can enliven the mood and ambience of the place and rejuvenate one’s spirits. They improve the air quality and can even act as a sound barrier in thin walled apartments.

Due to all these benefits, vertical gardens have become a popular indoor landscaping trend all around the world.

So, let’s explore the 12 creative ways in which you can leverage this green trend to the fullest!

1.The Dainty Kitchen Garden-It is as easy as a pie to make your own little vertical garden in the kitchen. Whether you plant fresh culinary herbs or fragrant perennials, these gardens are sure to jazz up your kitchen space like never before.

2.The Living WallThere cannot be a better option than using vertical gardens as wall decors. It not only has a strong aesthetic appeal but it also maximizes your space artistically and efficiently.

3.The Modish Pocket Greens-For a minimalistic approach, hanging ceramic or terracotta planters can be a great go to option and can easily brighten up the surroundings.

4.The Creative (Gardening) Pursuit-You can unleash your creativity by repurposing used jars, bottles and tin cans into planters and showcasing vertical gardens in new inspiring ways.

5.The Green Vignette-From wooden ladders to hanging crates, there are numerous options available for curating your picture-perfect vertical gardens.

6.The Balcony Display-Your balcony garden can have tiny pots lined up the wall planted with an eclectic mix of foliage. This type of greenery will clearly add to the beauty while creating a strong visual appeal.

7.The Lush Entrance-A dash of greenery can be the perfect adornment for your entrance. You can accentuate your entrance décor by installing plant boxes vertically and give it an interesting twist.

8.The Green Revamp-For a rustic feel, old cabinets and drawers can be upcycled into planting spaces for vertical gardens. The plants, along with natural colors and textures will add to homely, warm and organic vibe.

9.Spring Around the Corner-The corner vertical gardens are a great concept for people living in small apartments. These gardens add an impressive definition to your space without taking up too much room.

10.The Verdant Divide-You can use shelves of planters as a divider between different areas in your house. This can be a wonderfully eye catching and pleasing approach to vertical gardens.

11.The Organic Elegance-This approach to vertical gardens is definitely one of the most modern, refined and classic way to pep up your mundane surroundings.

12.The Breathing Artwork-This is a unique way to decorate your space with vertical gardens. It creates a striking visual and adds a whimsical touch to the whole décor.

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